Pregnancy Termination Services
Understanding Your Options and Support Available

If you’re considering your options following an unplanned pregnancy, please know that support and choices are available directly to you, without the need for a referral. MSI Choices is committed to providing confidential and compassionate assistance during this time, ensuring you have access to comprehensive care, information, and respect for your decisions.

MSI Choices offers a variety of services, including counselling, medical and surgical termination, and aftercare support, designed to provide the care that best suits your needs. We understand the complexity of the emotions involved in making such a decision, which is why our team is dedicated to offering non-judgemental support and expert medical care tailored to your personal circumstances.

Explore Your Options with MSI Choices

For detailed information about the services offered, how to access support, and to book an appointment, please visit the MSI Choices website. Our aim is to guide you through your options, offering the necessary information and support to make the decision that is right for you.